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Therapy situation of men with newly diagnosed locally confined prostate cancer in Germany - a prospective evaluation study

Status: Active

Purpose / Objectives

Primary Outcome

How does disease go on under different therapy strategies, are there differences?

How do the patients themselves see their well-beeing and their life quality as well as their patient-doctor relationship, are there differences between therapy strategies?

What are the costs referring to the therapy strategies and how is the relationsship of costs to benefit, defined as quality adjusted life years?

Secondary Outcomes

Which characteristics do patients with newly diagnosed, locally prostate cancer show? How are the tumour characteristics?

Which primary therapy strategies are chosen for men with newly diagnosed local prostate cancer?


Patient attributes


locally confined

Inclusion criteria

Written informed consent of patient

Patients with newly diagnosed prostate cancer

Patient with locally prostate cancer (T1 including T2a)

Patients without known metastasis (N0, M0)

Exclusion criteria

Recidive of prostate cancer

Locally advanced prostate cancer (T2b and higher)

Lymphnode- or organ metastasis

Trial design

  • Multicenter
  • Prospective
  • Open Label


None, this is a not-interventional evaluation study

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Responsibilities in overall trial

GAZPROM Germania GmbH

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  • Fax +49 (0)30 20195-313

Sponsor representative

Prof. Dr. med. Lothar Weißbach

National Coordinating Investigator

Prof. Dr. med. Lothar Weißbach

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